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Bird’s nest is a natural health supplement with pure and high nutritional value.

Kuan Wellness Bird’s Nest is made of high quality house nests from our own swiftlet farm, and produced according to the ISO 22000 (Food Safety Management System). It is a natural product manufactured under stringent controls with a vacuum sterilization process, and totally free from bleaching agents, colorings and preservatives. Hence, the consumers of Kuan Wellness can always be assured that the bird’s nest they are consuming is natural, pure and reliable.

Bird's nest is a natural health product with pure and high nutritional value. According to medical studies, bird’s nest contains epidermal growth factor (EGF) which promotes cell growth, reproduction and regeneration, strengthens the stomach and slows down the aging process. Regular consumption of bird’s nest helps to strengthen the heart function, immune system and lung, reduces chances of catching cold, cough and illness. Besides, taking bird’s nest also helps to alleviate the trachea, regulate breathing, control asthma, recover vital energy, maintain beauty and extend longevity. Bird's nest is suitable for any genderand age group, in any season.

Preparation: Rinse the bird’s nest with clean water and soak for approximately 60 minutes. When the bird’s nest is swelled and softened, drain the excessive water. Place it into the double boiler and add in water. Boil the bird’s nest soup with the double boil method for approximately 30-60 minutes. Finally, add in rock sugar as desired and the bird’s nest soup is ready for consumption.