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With the nearly a decade experience in the bird’s nests cultivation industry, the swiftlet farming houses of the Kuan’s family are now widely spread all over Malaysia.

According to historical records, bird's nest was traditionally served as an exquisite gourmet dish in tribute to the emperor and court officials of the palace a few hundreds of years ago. Since then, "Kuan Yan" was known as "First Grade Bird's Nest" or "Superior Bird's Nest ". The Founder of Kuan Wellness Ecopark is a descendant of the Kuan family, which is a scarce surname in Malaysia. When a thing is scarce, it becomes precious. Thus, the corporate brand established by the Kuan family is equally distinctive. Today, the Kuan family has been in the swiftlet farming business for nearly a decade, and has made its product appearance throughout Malaysia.

In the ancient times, the "court" referred to the palace garden. As "Kuan Yan" is the superior grade of bird's nest, it has to be produced in the most unique, natural and beautiful environment without any outside interference.

To achieve this, the founder has invested substantially in constructing Kuan Wellness Ecopark to allow swiftlets to grow up freely and healthily in a natural and graceful environment, for the benefit of all mankind.

Corporate Philosophy

Our Vision:

  • To be the most excellent ecotourism spot in Malaysia.
  • To be Malaysia's most successful multinational establishment in the wellness industry.

Our Mission:

  • To provide the highest quality, natural, pure, and reliable bird's nest and other health-care products to valued customers.
  • To convey the accurate educational information on swiftlet ecology to the community and discerning customers.
  • To ensure the process of bird's nest cleaning is in accordance with the international ISO 22000 standards (Food Safety Management System)
  • To cultivate an outstanding corporate management elite.